Mazda SKYACTIV Technology Explained

What is Mazda SKYACTIV Technology?

We carry hundreds of used Mazda cars and many of the 2012 and newer Mazda 3’s have the SKYACTIV designation. So what does that mean? SKYACTIV is Mazda’s approach to making the gasoline engine more efficient, which you would think isn’t difficult given that 70% of gasoline power is wasted in current combustion engines. Seeing as over 95% of the world still uses the combustion engine, Mazda felt it important to address those impacts now, vs. solely focusing on alternatives – which they say they are still considering.

Here’s what Mazda did with SKYACTIV Engines

The results of the SKYACTIV program were two-foldMazda SKYACTIV

– 15% better fuel economy
– 15% better performance on regular octane fuel (87)

Here’s where the real stats get interesting. Throughout the project, Mazda was able to increase performance by:

– raising compression ratio in the engine with domed pistons
– created innovative direct fuel injector system to prevent the ‘knock’ associated with high-compression engines
– added a longer exhaust manifold (header) without affecting emissions.

To ensure that the power gains were not lost in the delivery system, Mazda claims energy savings by:

– reduced friction in engine (30%) through increased oil pump efficiency (74%) and water pump efficiency (31%)
– reduced friction on pistons, rods, and crankshaft by 25%
– reduced valve-train friction by 54%
– increased air access by 13%

So what does all that mean? More Torque. Increased Performance. Better Efficiency! All contributing towards a winning combination

SKYACTIV Explained Video

One thing we know for sure, when you get behind the wheel of a Mazda with SKYACTIV, you really do feel the difference in how this technology impacts the driving experience. What’s really exciting is that the focus wasn’t just on the engine. Check out the other innovations to Transmission and the Platform that Mazda has made.

If you haven’t driven one of these vehicles packed with amazing technology, visit any one of our locations for a test drive. You may just decide this is the vehicle for you.