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Top Family-Friendly Used Cars

The safety of our customers and staff is important – please view our Health & Safety notice prior to booking a test drive. When you are shopping for used cars in Nanaimo, especially for one that’s for your family, it’s a good idea to start with a list of the best family-friendly cars. Once you have an idea of the type of vehicle you’re interested in, narrow down the possibilities with our list of reliable family vehicles: Best Minivan Models for Large Families Have a big family and trying to find the most fuel-efficient used family cars for travelling our Vancouver Island and beyond? Look no further than the following minivan models: Dodge Grand Caravan… Read more »

The Best Time to Buy Used Cars in Victoria

When is the best time to buy a new-to-you car? If you’re ready to get into your next vehicle, then the time of year you choose to buy a used car in Victoria can be key to unlocking savings, for a few different reasons: End of Year = New Car Models = Great Deals Manufacturers tend to release car models for the following year between September and December, which means a few things: Dealerships will be trying to move stock make room The previous/current year car models are no longer as “in demand” Those looking to get into a brand new car will be selling their current vehicle Rental car companies, like National Car &… Read more »

Top 5 Used Car Buying Tips for First-Time Buyers

Buying your first vehicle, new or used, can seem daunting. With a few handy tips, however, you can find research the best makes and models to fit your lifestyle and find the perfect pre-owned car or truck. Tip #1: Research to Pre-Owned Car Models Before you head down to the nearest car lot to browse used cars for sale, spend a good chunk of time doing some research. Trust us that taking a look at a few key points for pre-owned vehicles you’re interested in can save time, money, and hassle in the long run. Here are a few things to look into: Consumer reports: The benefit of buying a used car or truck is… Read more »

3 Things to Know Before Buying a Used Car

Finding the right used car can feel like a chore – the process of browsing through hundreds of vehicles to find one that you want through to test drives and financing. Save some time shopping for your next used with some tips to make the process run more smoothly. What is Your Used Car Budget? It’s hard to start shopping for used cars in BC if you don’t know how much you can spend. Narrow down the options by narrowing down your budget – in turn, that will help point you towards which vehicles meet your requirements. Keep in mind that newer vehicle models will typically have more options, but also a higher price tag,… Read more »

Top Used Cars for Students

Whether your student is planning on attending a local university, college, or trade school, a good used car is important to ensure that they arrive safely (while saving you money). What types of used vehicles are best for students? We have a few types of reliable, affordable used cars you can consider: Used Small Cars for Students A compact car is an excellent choice for a students’ vehicle as they are reliable and have good fuel economy. For regular commuters travelling to campuses across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, fuel efficiency is a key feature – particularly when those tuition bills come due. Most major car manufacturers offer at least one compact car model… Read more »

5 Tips For Buying a Used Car

If you know what you’re doing, buying a used car needn’t be a shot in the dark sent on a wing and a prayer to the used-car gods. You can get amazing deals on excellent used vehicles if you just know where to look and what to look for. 1. Know what type of used vehicle you are looking for Yes, you need to have an open mind, but it helps to start your search with at least some broad understanding of what you’re going to use your car for. Do you need to fetch and carry kids – yours and the neighbours – and all their kit and caboodle? Do you want high-tech features like bluetooth?… Read more »