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The Best Time to Buy Used Cars in Victoria

When is the best time to buy a new-to-you car? If you’re ready to get into your next vehicle, then the time of year you choose to buy a used car in Victoria can be key to unlocking savings, for a few different reasons: End of Year = New Car Models = Great Deals Manufacturers tend to release car models for the following year between September and December, which means a few things: Dealerships will be trying to move stock make room The previous/current year car models are no longer as “in demand” Those looking to get into a brand new car will be selling their current vehicle Rental car companies, like National Car &… Read more »

Top Used Cars for Students

Whether your student is planning on attending a local university, college, or trade school, a good used car is important to ensure that they arrive safely (while saving you money). What types of used vehicles are best for students? We have a few types of reliable, affordable used cars you can consider: Used Small Cars for Students A compact car is an excellent choice for a students’ vehicle as they are reliable and have good fuel economy. For regular commuters travelling to campuses across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, fuel efficiency is a key feature – particularly when those tuition bills come due. Most major car manufacturers offer at least one compact car model… Read more »